Our Products


Trust Company has over 5 years of brilliant background in international trade and export to countries across the world. 

Our company cooperates and has a joint venture with some of the largest domestic and international manufacturers in various industries such as oil, gas, mining, and agriculture industries, and has a diverse commodity basket. The company’s main sourcing and exporting services are as follows: 

– Petroleum products 

– Petrochemical products 

– Minerals 

– Agriculture produce Raw/Semi/Processed


We source bitumen from reputable sources. We can supply the highest quality bitumen with grades of 60/70 – 85/100


We supply D2 Low Sulfur Diesel with Russian origin at competitive prices, without compromising on the quality.


We supply BLCO(Bonny Light Crude Oil) which is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil with high API gravity(low specific gravity)


We supply jet fuel(Jet A1) a carefully refined, light petroleum used globally in the turbine engines(jet engines, turboprops) in civil aviation.


We offer a new value proposition to our customers and business partners in the rice business. We share our expertise in rice and work on a model which allows our customers to buy the right product at the right price within the right timeframes.


We can promptly fill your needs for brown sugar, white granulated sugar, confectioners’ sugar, single sugar packets and more. You can choose from beet or cane sugar, granulated, raw, powdered or cubed, and in a wide variety of package sizes.

Benefit From Our
Years of Experience,
Expert Skills & Network.

The TRUTH Company rely on executive experience, management knowledge, experts and fundamental scientific research in commercial and competitive markets and we always take advantage of our specialized capabilities in our business areas and improve the variety and quality of the products we offer to our clients.

We have an exclusive network of credible buyers and sellers who exhibit excellent abilities in fostering a commercial viable long-term business bonds within our network.